Regardless of where you stand on this controversial reboot, one thing about this latest DmC: Devil May Cry trailer we can all agree on is that there is an overabundance on the words "Obesity" and "Stupidity." Whatever developer Ninja Theory is going for here isn't revealed, but it does make for a lot of needless speculation for something that will most likely pan out into nothing.

As for the game, the Devil May Cry combat looks intact, if not a step down from the levels reached in Devil May Cry 3. Flashy hack 'n slash already had its day in the sun, and Bayonetta convinced me I was done with the genre for a while.

What's strikingly awful though are the muddy and blurry environments all the action goes down in. Compared to both hellish fires and gothic castles of the older games and the vivid lush worlds of Ninja Theory's other games, these blocky, featureless rooms are far more disappointing than the needless facelift the hero received. These are not the environments seen in the slick cutscene trailers.

I jumped off the Devil May Cry bandwagon after playing through Devil May Cry 4 and skipping all the cutscenes, my eyes painful from rolling them too much. Ideally, the reboot is primed for people like me who got a little tired of the game's ridiculous shtick, which really only worked on the PlayStation 2 hardware anyway. However, color me unimpressed by Ninja Theory's attempts so far.

DmC: Devil May Cry will be released for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on January 15th.

[via Adriasang]

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