The story of Dishonored takes place in the industrial and whaling city of Dunwall. It's a steampunk world covered in grime, decay, poverty, celebrity and special powers. It's, hopefully, a unique and fresh take on the openworld environments so many games employ today.

As such, that brand new attempt requires a bit of backstory illumination. Bethesda has enlisted the help of Psyop, an animation studio, in order to create a three part web series specifically meant to serve as a prequel to the story of Dishonored. The series is called "The Tales from Dunwall," and the first part, titled "Awakening," sits at the head of this post.

Dishonored is one of the more promising games slated to launch this fall. It's a brand new IP from the freshly formed Arkane Studios, and it's being published by Bethesda. The game is set in an open world, and the developers have been promising players a set of mechanics that's left entirely to their whimsy. Decide you want to do something a certain way, and Dishonored will, supposedly, let you do it.

The game will launch for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms on October 9th.

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