Apple is gearing up to relaunch its Beats Music service in the future, that much we already know. What we don't know, however, is exactly what the service will entail. A new report on Friday brings us a bit closer to understanding what's going on.

According to Re/code, Apple may try to entice users to its new service by offering free trial subscriptions, which is pretty common. It won't offer any sort of "free" experience, like Spotify, and in fact rumors suggest it's actually trying to shut Spotify's model down. Friday's report also suggests there will be an iTunes Radio section and another region of the app where musicians may be able to upload their own tracks, which Re/Code compared to something like SoundCloud.

Apple is reportedly working to announce the new service during WWDC in June, though recent reports have suggested it's having a hard time getting all of the music contracts it needs. We hope it still shows off what's been cooking.