A fresh scoop on Samsung's alleged Orbis smartwatch surfaced Thursday, giving us an idea of how we'll be using the wearable when it launches.

According to SamMobile, the device's rotating bezel ring will be the main navigation method utilized by Orbis. SamMobile says the rotating ring will provide users with an easy way to show apps on a home screen—either one at a time, or three depending on quickly you rotate—in addition to other swiping gestures. But that's not all.

When you're on the home screen, rotate right and you'll see widgets that are in use; rotate left after reaching a specific widget and you'll see more information (say, a five-day forecast for weather). Rotating left will also display notifications from the home screen, which you can then cycle through and dismiss at your leisure.

These same left/right rotation options extend to both phone calls and music, too. When a phone call comes in, rotating right will reject it, while rotating left will reject a call and instead send a preset message. Unlike other Samsung smart watches, the Orbis won't support phone calls directly from the watch, similar to the Gear Fit and other Android Wear devices.

As for music, rotating Orbis's ring will allow users to easily skip or go back to a track. Swipe gestures will be there as well, but the ring will act as the marquee method for getting around the interface. For alarms, rotating the ring left or right will snooze or dismiss, respectively; the ring will also support features like time, find my device and weather.

SamMobile said there are plenty of other functions, but decided not to share. Luckily we're expecting to hear more about the Orbis at Mobile World Congress, which kicks off at the beginning of March.