This new Dead Island trailer strays away from the cinematic, depressing qualities of the original video that sent shockwaves through the gaming world back in February. Instead, fans will be taken on a brief tour of the island locale, given a glimpse at the victims lives before the zombification and shown what the in-game graphics will actually look like.

While watching the trailer above, I can't help but wonder exactly when genre fatigue is going to set in completely. Zombies have been one of the biggest entertainment crazes for the last several years.  Movies, games, television shows and graphic novels centering around the undead have been churning out at a constant clip. Here we stand, almost entirely saturated in zombie content, and Techland steps up with Dead Island; another walking corpse for the horde.

Are gamers interested? The PR team behind the product have been working hard to make this zombie game stand out. The original trailer featured the death and subsequent undeath of a young girl, something that split the opinion of the online community in half. It wasn't the zombie-centric plot of Dead Island people were talking about, it was the nature of the game's presentation.

This new trailer seems to split the difference between zombie motifs and ideas from a completely unique premise. Players are being told that this epidemic happened in an island paradise, something that's new to the zombie game genre. They're being given a set of human characters to create a strong connection between both the death in the game and the life beforehand. Dead Island is being pitched, albeit not obviously, as not just another zombie game. Perhaps that's what it needs to do in order to succeed.

Have your interests been piqued?

Dead Island is due for the PS3, 360 and PC on August 1st, 2011. The game will likely have a large presence at next month's gaming conference, E3.