Google might release a new Chromecast within the next few months, and it could include a lot more power than we’ve seen on previous models.

Just this month, the Mountain View-based company submitted paperwork to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for an unannounced streaming device. The product, which features a label matching the 2015 model’s identification number, appears to be an improved Chromecast. Between the two models, the differences come down to connections.

The existing model doesn’t have full Bluetooth capabilities. Google could unlock that for its three-year-old Chromecast, but Android Police says the FCC filing exposes more. If there is a new model in development, it could ship with better connectivity on 5GHz Wi-Fi.

Maybe the need for this isn’t so obvious, but Google could leverage the extra technology for its still-hidden gaming platform. Various reports have claimed there’s a streaming-based service being built in Mountain View.

The platform, known as ‘Yeti’ behind closed doors, will need hardware that can reduce latency as much as possible. It’ll rely more on the cloud than an on-device chip to push high-end games. By introducing a new Chromecast that can ride on 5GHz Wi-Fi, Google could have the proper assistance. Google’s hired various industry veterans for help, too.

Meanwhile, the inclusion of full Bluetooth would allow a controller to be paired.

The new Chromecast could be introduced at Google’s hardware-focused event in early October; however, since the changes on the outside are minimal, it could silently replace the existing model. Then it’ll just take some time to understand why these changes were made at all.