Expect there to be a new Chromecast arriving this fall. In a surprising turn of events, a Reddit user revealed that he was sold the soon-to-be-announced model at Best Buy.

The location wasn’t mentioned, but he did say there was some trouble ringing up this item since it had a hold related to the release date. Yet that didn’t matter because, after overriding the system, the employees sent our unintentional insider out the door with a Chromecast that no one else has. Nothing like leaving Best Buy with an unannounced product.

As for its design, the upcoming model isn’t too different. It’s still circular, but the plastic transitioned from glossy to matte. There’s also a ‘G’ logo stamped on the front rather than the Chrome logo. Meanwhile, the retail box shows various apps and services.

Here are the two models side-by-side, courtesy of Reddit’s GroveStreetHomie:

The Reddit user wasn’t able to do anything with it, though. His Google Home app needs to be updated, and Google won’t have that rolled out until the actual launch.

So far, it seems like Google intends on adding Bluetooth support and nothing more.

It’s entirely possible, too, that the Mountain View-based company introduces a gaming platform. Known internally as Yeti, Google’s been poaching employees from other publishers and developers that could build a robust game streaming service from scratch. Maybe inexpensive streaming devices like the Chromecast can run the software.

More likely, the game-related ambitions should be made public in 2019. It seems all too soon for the necessary hardware and software to come together.

Google will announce the new Chromecast, as well as a number of other products, next week. The New York City-based unveiling begins at 11:00AM ET on Tuesday, October 9. TechnoBuffalo will be there, so get ready for nonstop live coverage all day.