Google recently posted a job listing seeking a “quality engineer” for its Chromebook Pixel team. Normally we’d shrug this off. Big whoop, right? Except, Droid-Life noticed that the job listing actually points to a new Chromebook Pixel, or whatever new flagship Google might be working on.

“As a Quality Engineer, you will be part of shaping Google’s next game-changer,” the job listing reads (emphasis ours). “With your technical expertise, you will identify setbacks and roadblocks within a project and generate solutions for resolving them quickly, build a product team in collaboration with a technical lead in order to recruit the best-suited engineers and evaluate feedback from support teams to identify product errors and gaps.”

It’s due time for Google to launch a new Chromebook Pixel, especially now that Chrome OS officially supports Android applications. Google could use the new notebook to show off fresh features and advances in its light and efficient operating system. Given that it appears to be hiring for this position now, though, it might be a bit of a wait until we see something new.