The fellow with the mullet has a problem with a robot that has feelings. That’s the gist of Neil Blomkamp’s new movie, Chappie, which is set to hit theaters this March. But despite my obviously inept description of the film, it looks much more complex than just man vs. robot. There’s genuine emotion, and even though we’ve only seen a little bit of footage through two trailers, we’re already feeling some major empathy for Chappie, who wants nothing more than to be treated like a person.

This newest trailer gives us a better understanding of the overall landscape in Chappie. Robots seem to have replaced most of the police force, leading to a kind of dystopian future of government and power. But in the chaos of the new technology, an engineer has upgraded one of the robots to think and feel for itself. That doesn’t sit well with the characters played by Hugh Jackman and Sigourney Weaver, so they both set out to eliminate Chappie.

Hopefully Chappie doesn’t fall into the typical “fear of technology” trope often explored by films. Or, we at least hope Blomkamp’s take on it is fresh. It’s looking pretty good to me based off the second trailer, but we’ll find out how the final product turns out when it hit theaters on March 6.