Will BlackBerry ever release a new PlayBook? It doesn’t seem like that plan is in the books, for now.

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins recently sat down with Australia’s Herald Sun to discuss the future of his company and whether or not a new tablet is on the horizon.
“Tablets in my view, from a hardware perspective, is a very difficult business,” Heins explained. “There’s one company, kudos to them, that did it really well and they own the majority of the market.” Heins is obviously referencing Apple there, but BlackBerry might have fared better in the tablet market had it launched with a full fledged product. Instead, the BlackBerry PlayBook was launched lacking even the most common and trivial features. If you forget, it didn’t have an email client out of the box. BlackBerry (RIM at the time) also failed to secure enough developers to offer a full-fledged application store at launch. Consumers, ultimately, were left with a decent tablet with OK software that couldn’t do much.

Heins suggested that his company will only re-enter the space if it sees an untapped market segment that would make it worthwhile to consumers and its investors.