It seems there may be some confusion up at the BlackBerry headquarters about whether or not there is a new PlayBook tablet in the future.

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins recently told Australia's Herald Sun that tablets are "a very difficult business." He went on to suggest that the company won't be releasing any new tablets unless it can find a niche that needs to be filled. It seems, however, that someone forgot to send out that memo to the rest of the company.

Mike Al Mefleh, director of product management at BlackBerry, confirmed to Emirates 24|7 over the weekend at the BlackBerry User's Forum in Dubai that six new BlackBerry 10 devices will be introduced this year in addition to a new version of the PlayBook. "We have a very clear road map," he told the site. He went on to add, "We are developing an all new NoteSmartly app for the Playbook, that will be released in time for the launch of the new BlackBerry PlayBook."

We're not quite sure why there seems to be such a disconnect between the two BlackBerry executives. The interview from Dubai was published on March 16, and by the 18th Heins was sounding rather down on the concept of releasing a new tablet. Did one of them speak out of turn? Has a new decision been made? We just don't know which is the more accurate comment at this time, but I suppose we'll learn that fact when we see if a new PlayBook does indeed appear this year.