Rocksteady has been rumored to be making a Silver Age Batman game for quite some time, but most of Warner Bros. attention has been too fixated on Batman: Arkham Origins to leak out any further specifics. However, Kotaku and some Gamestop employees think you might be hearing an announcement within the coming week.

Gamestop employees have sent an image of a Batman banner they received in the store and were told to hang from March 3. Whether this new Batman advertisement signifies new DLC or an entirely new game remains up in the air, but the employees also claim to have received another poster called "Zeppelin," which will be tied to new Batman materials.

Kotaku believes that the new Batman game will be gracing the cover of GameInformer this month, and also claims that the employees sent an inventory database which has an "Available SKU" for Oct. 8, roughly around the same most other Batman games have been released.

This is all one big rumor of course, but if Warner Bros. has an announcement for the next Batman game within the week, then I suppose you will know by the end of the week. Keep your eyes peeled because this might be Rocksteady's big return with a full three year development phase and next-gen technology powering it up.

Rocksteady is the hero that Batman deserves, and with the way things look now, it needs them more than ever.