WB Games and GameStop really want you to pre-order Batman: Arkham Knight. Like, real bad. This week they’ve unveiled a pair of videos trying hard to persuade you to do so.

Straight from the developer and publisher comes the above ad. If you pre-order the game at all, you’ll get the Harley Quinn story pack, allowing you to play a story mission as the clown princess of crime herself. The trailer does a good job of making her look like a force to be reckoned with rather than something to be looked at, though the game may not do as good a job. The mission has Harley infiltrating the police department in Blüdhaven (home of Nightwing and civilians dumb enough to live in a place called Blüdhaven) to extract her longtime friend Poison Ivy.

From GameStop comes the video below, an ad for the exclusive Red Hood missions. The Red Hood – if you’ve been out of comics for a while – most recently appeared as a resurrected Jason Todd, the Robin best known for his brutal murder at the hands of The Joker. Having been resurrected by Talia al Ghul, he comes back to take revenge. It’s likely that the Red Hood in the game will be this version or some shade of this version of the character, and the trailer makes it clear that this character isn’t against killing, unlike so many of Batman’s allies.

The Red Hood missions are initially available only as a download reward for pre-ordering from GameStop, though it would be a surprise if they didn’t come out later as standalone DLC.

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