A recent rumor claimed we might not see a redesigned Apple Watch until this fall, and a new report from 9to5Mac has seemingly confirming these plans. According to 9to5’s Mark Gurman, Apple will talk about the Apple Watch at an event in March, but only to unveil a series of new band color options and other accessory partnerships, similar to what we saw with Hermes.

A full Apple Watch redesign isn’t expected to be unveiled by Apple until this September, which is also when we’re expecting the iPhone 7. 9to5Mac doesn’t reveal what kind of updates to expect from the redesigned watch, only to say that it’ll be unveiled (and launched) in the coming months. At the very least, the second-generation Apple Watch will likely feature new hardware functionality, perhaps with the addition of more health-focused sensors. Cosmetically, it’s unclear if the Apple Watch will stick to the same squared design.

As for what Apple will discuss in March, 9to5Mac says the introduction of new Apple Watch bands will also signal the launch of the watchOS 2.2 update, which only recently hit beta channels; some of the new features include the ability to sync multiple Apple Watches to a single iPhone, and improved Maps functionality.

9to5Mac says to expect Apple to detail the new Apple Watch bands, along with the iPhone 5se and rumored iPad Air 3, during an event during the week of March 14.