Apple’s futuristic circular spaceship campus has been a point of heavy interest ever since it was first unveiled by late-CEO Steve Jobs. The campus will feature 2.8 million square feet of R&D labs, theaters, underground parking lots, lush landscapes and one of the biggest solar charging solutions in the world. Grounds for the new campus broke late last year, though the first phase isn’t expected to be completed until 2016 at the earliest, so the final product is still a long way off.

Until we see Apple’s final vision erected in Cupertino, a new video has been released that details how the design came to be in the first place. The campus is a bit unorthodox, to say the least, but it perfectly encapsulates the ethos of Apple’s growing empire; the design features immense glass panes, an open and collaborative work environment, and beautiful scenery that captures the Cupertino landscape. The renderings and models already look great, so I can only imagine what the final product will look like.

The video has actually been released by Unofficially Apple, so there’s a possibly it could be taken down. If you’re curious about how the Apple spaceship was conceived, however, check out the roughly four minute clip while you can. Apple puts a lot of emphasis on how the campus will impact the environment, with no net increase in greenhouse gas emissions, and 80-percent of the site being used as green space.

Apple will likely reveal more information on its spaceship campus as construction gets underway. For now, it’s cool to see how everything comes together behind the scenes, and the kind of planning it takes to put such a project together.