set top box survey

Apple is expected to finally update its set top box at an event next month, and the new Apple TV can’t come soon enough. A new survey from Park Associates reveals that Apple now ranks fourth in the set top box streaming market after falling behind Amazon and its Fire TV.

The results reveal that Roku still dominates the market at 34 percent, while Google came in second at 23 percent. The study also notes that almost 20 percent of U.S. homes have at least one streaming media player, and sales are estimated to hit 86 million globally in 2019.

These numbers actually only cover 2014. It’s likely they’ve changed at least a bit since then. Even so, we doubt Apple’s made much headway. The Cupertino company still hasn’t released a new set top box or done very much to improve its current software.

The new Apple TV is expected to feature a slimmer design, upgraded internal specs and a totally redesigned remote. It should also introduce a new user interface with Siri-based voice controls and an App Store. Rumor has it Apple is also planning to launch its own live streaming TV service for the device, though it likely won’t arrive until next year or later.