Apple is reportedly revamping the remote control that will ship with its next-generation Apple TV box, according to a new report published on Monday.

The New York Times said that Apple's new remote will feature a touch pad, instead of the tactile buttons that are present on the current Apple TV remote. Apple isn't planning to ditch physical buttons altogether, the news outlet said, and will still keep two around to complement an otherwise all-touch experience. This is the second report to suggest a revamp to the remote; 9to5Mac said the same thing earlier this year.

Monday's report didn't dive into too much detail, but did said touch will be used for scrolling, which is good news for anyone who knows how frustrating it can be to navigate long lists of content with the current remote.

The New York Times added that Apple is currently planning to announce the new Apple TV during the firm's Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) in June, when it will also introduce it's rumored streaming TV service.