Apple is expected to reveal its fourth-generation set-top box on September 9, but the device may not actually arrive until a month later. A new report claims to reveal both the launch window and a tentative price for the rumored Apple TV.

According to 9to5Mac, the new Apple TV will hit stores in October. The Cupertino company is apparently still deciding on the price, which could start at $149 or $199. Either way that's a pretty big step up from the current model, which debuted at $99 back in 2012 and recently dropped all the way down to $69.

That third-generation Apple TV will reportedly stick around at its current price. Cupertino's planned cord-cutter streaming service should also be available for the older model once it actually arrives. The cable TV replacement is still rumored to launch next year for $40/month, though Apple has apparently struggled to finalize deals with some television networks.

Unfortunately, some newer features likely won't be available on the current Apple TV. The new model is expected to offer Siri-based voice controls and a dedicated App Store, giving customers an incentive to pay that extra price. It should also feature a slightly bigger design along with upgraded internal hardware, including an A9 processor, to power its revamped iOS-based operating system.