Apple’s iOS keyboard is a notorious weak spot in the company’s mobile platform, and the Cupertino company’s refusal to let users swap in their favorite third-party alternatives means there’s no other options unless you’re willing to jailbreak your iPhone or ditch it altogether. That may change however, based on a new Apple patent which promises to reign in autocorrect accidents.

The main concept behind Apple’s latest patent, which was approved today after being filed by the company back in July 2012, is to stop autocorrect from accidentally changing your message’s meaning at the last minute. The updated keyboard would kick into action after you hit the send button on a new message, giving you the opportunity to review its spelling corrections by highlighting any words the software thinks you’ve misspelled.

The reimagined iOS keyboard would also learn over time, and become better at predicting which words you want to type the more you use it. Similar to apps like SwiftKey on Android, this would allow your iPhone to learn the way you write and eventually stop correcting frequently used slang and abbreviations.

There’s no guarantee Apple will implement any of these changes, but it really should. We don’t expect the company to open up its doors for third-party keyboards any time soon, so at the very least it needs to continue improving its own software if it wants to stay competitive.