Android trojan call screen

Android trojan permisisonsIt’s scary enough thinking that someone might get a hold of your phone data such as your contacts, who you’re calling and other identifiable personal information, but what if they were able to record your actual call without your knowledge?  What would you do then if you’re in business, or saying having an affair and some hacker gets a hold of information they could use to blackmail you?

This is the exact nightmare scenario that has come to light for Android users thanks to a new piece of malware that has been discovered.

CA Security Advisor has found a new piece of malware that will install a configuration file (pictured above) that will record your phone calls, and then store them to your SD card.  Right now it appears that the virus only kicks in when the call is initiated from the infected phone, and not on incoming calls.  There is also no word as of yet if this will still record if you don’t have an SD card installed and can in turn record to the device’s main memory.

It isn’t known yet how widespread this particular virus is, but it is definitely a wise idea to keep your eyes open for it.  It will ask for permissions to access your phone calls and system tools, but just like Terms of Service, how many people actually read those?  And even if they do, how many of your common phone users understand the potential implications of each item?  The simple fact is that they don’t, and if this is another step in a larger trend, then that could become a very distinct issue.

What do you think about the concept of malware on your phone?

[via Inquisitr, source CA Security Advisor]