Demon killing, mixed voice acting, fighting monsters as a quadriplegic, NeverDead looks like it has everything you could possibly want in a single game. This Konami published product is being developed by Rebellion Developments, and it is being helmed by Shinta Nojiri.

Nojiri has been with Konami for more than 15 years, and his work has centered around the Metal Gear saga. Given that, the overall vibe of the monsters in the trailer above, while completely bonkers, presents almost a Metal Gear strangeness to viewers. Some of the most creative boss fights in all of gaming have happened in the 3D iterations of the Metal Gear franchise; if Nojiri brings that to Rebellion for NeverDead, this experience could be well worth having.

While a proper release date has not been announced, the game was initially noted for a late 2011 launch. NeverDead is set to release for both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. Given that it is already the middle of September, don't be surprised if this title doesn't ship this year. Our money is on the first few months of 2012 for this project.