Are you an iPhone owner who’s feeling the need for a little human contact this Valentine’s Day weekend? Japan has just the accessory you need to always feel that special someone in the palm of your hand by actually putting just that on the back of an iPhone case, the exact model of a human hand! Ewww…

Now as you hold your iPhone to your ear, the silicon and vinyl composition is close enough to resemble someone always there clasped in between your fingers. Prop it on you leg to read your Facebook and Twitter updates, and you’ll always have the intimate touch someone caressing your shins or knees.

And it comes in both models for men and women as well! Those who prefer a more feminine hand can request the hand of female model “Nami,” where as someone looking for a bit more of a masculine grip would do well with the male counterpart, Yamato.

Beyond just a cell phone case, the distributors in Japan advertise it as a great way to hold pens, lipsticks, and even scare the life out of children with a human appendage emerging from your back pocket.

The only downside is that you’ll be needed to pull out the old iPhone 4/4S to use it. The designers haven’t quite gotten around to re-releasing for the iPhone 5 or 5S. Still, wouldn’t walking around with a slightly outdated phone be worth it to create an awkward moment with strangers? Just $48.78 at Japan’s online market Rakuten and it can be yours.