Never Alone popped up out of no where for me personally. I know that we covered the game when it was still in its development infancy, but it sort of fell off my radar after that first bit of news.

Then I played it, and this wonderful game won me over. It’s a good one, and it offers an interesting story and an interesting look at a culture never explored in gaming.

Now, Never Alone is set to get its first expansion.

Dubbed Foxtales, this tale sees the return of Nuna and Fox in a new adventure inspired by another cultural story. Here’s the word from the game’s official site.

Spring has come to the Arctic as Nuna and Fox climb aboard their umiaq (a sealskin canoe) and take to the waters of the coasts, rivers and lakes of Northwest Alaska. They’ll travel across open seas, swim through the ruins of a sunken village and paddle up the Noatak River on a mission to rescue a new friend.

You’ll need all your wits and the skills of both companions to survive the dangers of the swirling currents, fierce creatures and hidden underwater hazards of the Alaska coast. Only by working together can Nuna and Fox save their friend and defeat an unexpected foe.

The DLC will span three new levels with puzzles and enemies to explore. Foxtales will release for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC platforms on July 28, 2015.