Netgear announced its new Orbi Mesh Wi-Fi System, giving us a glimpse of its next-generation router. The new Orbi system adds a bevy of upgrades, such as gigabit wireless connectivity that will provide for much better connectivity and performance.

The Orbi router is part of Netgear’s mesh router system, an approach that places multiple router modules around the home to cover more ground. Though the idea has potential, mesh routers have fallen short on a number of points, including reaching top speed. The Wi-Fi 6 version of Orbi will solve most of those issues and them some. It will support even higher performance Wi-Fi streams running simultaneously and also open the door for gigabit speeds.

Other new features the new Orbi router offers is 1024 QAM with a 4×4 Wi-Fi 6 backhaul. This will increase its speeds, coverage and capacity, and ensure the upcoming slate of 4K content and VR gaming will see the best home internet speeds possible.

Netgear says the Orbi with Wi-Fi 6 is going to launch in the second half of 2019.