“It’s not easy butchering people, it’s hard work.”

That’s how the first official trailer for David Fincher’s latest Netflix series, Mindhunter, begins. And on full display is Fincher’s muted and eerie aesthetic, which he’s perfected in his feature-length films.

The trailer introduces us to two FBI detectives who go around the country teaching FBI techniques to cops. Along their odyssey, they end up taking a divisive turn to investigate serial killers themselves.

“Are psychopaths formed, or are they born?”

Studying psychopaths proves to be a lot tougher than they anticipate. It is not the most pleasant thing to go inside the mind of a killer, and each detective starts to struggle to keep their professional lives separate from their private ones.

The trailer features a spooky score and quick flashes of disturbing scenes that will likely play a big role in the overall plot of the series. David Fincher is no stranger to crime movies, thus he has this genre mastered. Seven, Zodiac, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Gone Girl each dealt with unsavory psychopaths and you can see some of the same tension, mystery and suspense in the trailer for Mindhunter.

Mindhunter will be available to stream on Netflix beginning October 13.