I’m trying my best to keep my hype for this animated Castlevania series from Netflix on a reasonable level. However, after finally binging Stranger Things and witnessing evidence that Netflix knows how to please a target demographic, it’s getting harder and harder not to see this as one of my highlights of 2017.

And then… there’s this. Producer Adi Shankar uploaded the official poster for the TV show on his Facebook page, and it shows that the people behind this series know what they are doing. The Clock Tower is there, the surrounding castle grounds and the blood moon in the background. Even Dracula’s Keep and the iconic staircase leading into the final battle is right where its supposed to be.

That’s Castlevania, alright.

Hopefully, the entire show is just as loyal to the franchise as this first artwork. Just, remember guys, Sypha Belnades is a woman no matter how much the instruction manual or Captain N: The Game Master say otherwise.

Castlevania is in production at Federator Studios with legendary comic writer Warren Ellis penning the script. It will air on Netflix in 2017.