Last year, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced that his movie-by-mail/streaming company would be splitting into two brands: Netflix and Qwikster. Qwikster was going to be the new mail-based service, while Netflix would essentially be for Instant Watch only. When the split was announced, Hastings mentioned that Qwikster would rent console video games in addition to movies.

Then Qwikster was scrapped. Word came from Netflix that they were still considering adding video game rentals to their service, but that it was "to be determined."

It's been determined. If the headline and sad panda above weren't enough indication for you, Netflix CEO Hastings has announced that there are no plans to add video game rentals to their service. This came down during the closing moments of the company's Q4 financial call, as originally reported by Engadget.

When Hastings announced the addition of games for the service, it was the one bright spot in the otherwise wasted wash of news. Customers were frustrated with the idea of splitting their viewing experience into two different sites, but another games-by-mail competitor in the small market was genuinely good news.

Now? Nope. It's almost like Netflix isn't trying to push out in positive directions. Their consumer base is massive and the demand for video games is there; why not cash in on it? GameFly has, and they're a much, much smaller company. One would assume Netflix is entirely capable of acquiring the games and properly pricing the upgrade.

[via Engadget]