Is your life goal to basically do nothing? Do you sit around and pass the time by sitting on the couch? Maybe every now and then you see what's on Netflix while you shovel Doritos down your throat. Do that, only get paid for it.

Netflix recently posted a job listing in the U.K. looking for a "tagger," which is basically someone who sits around and watches movies and TV. The official responsibility of a "tagger" is to watch and analyze films and TV streaming on Netflix. Doesn't sound much different from what you do on a typical day, right? You qualify.

You actually don't need to be located in the U.K. to be considered; the listing says you can work remotely. (Correction: Netflix is requiring you to live in the U.K. for this position. – Editor)

"The tagger will deconstruct the films and programs [sic] and describe them using objective tags." These are the really random and strange tags you see attached to your favorite movies, which help to very specifically categorize the content you're watching. So, for example, you might see a tag like "Adrenaline Pumping Macho Movie" for something with Chuck Norris in it. That's just a made up example, but you get the idea.

Above is a video that describes the duties of a tagger. Apparently your "gran" is a "violent revenge thriller" aficionado. Despite the fact that you don't need an education level beyond the first grade, the tagger's job is actually pretty important, and ensures that Netflix users find the content they love.

You can be the next professional tagger.