couch potato netflix

Your binge watching ways are going to change if you plan to watch an upcoming Netflix drama series.

We know you all sat down and plowed through House of Cards season 3, but when it comes to the upcoming series Between, you're going to need to show some patience. The upcoming drama set in a Canadian town where a plague kills anyone over the age of 21 will be released on a weekly basis as opposed to the usual "all at once" model we've grown accustomed to.

Before you begin worrying that Netflix is changing how it does things, there appears to be a good reason for the switch in styles. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Jennette McCurdy-starring series is going to air on the Canadian channel City at the same time in a weekly format. To keep spoilers from running rampant on the Internet, this will be the only way to keep them contained.

I wouldn't get too concerned about a weekly release becoming the new modus operandi for Netflix as it has enjoyed too much success with the binge viewing model. This will more than likely be a one off situation.

Of course, if you really are married to the binge method of watching, you could just wait until the entire season has aired and then start on it.

Between premieres on May 21 on Netflix.