Netflix family

Netflix is suffering from sporadic down time that appears to be impacting both its DVD site and streaming capabilities.

Once again Netflix is currently suffering from an extended outage. Unlike the Christmas Eve outage, however, it appears that this one is not impacting all users. The company remained quiet on the matter for most of the morning, but has now begun responding to customers via its @Netflixhelps Twitter account asking for what error codes they are seeing and what devices they are running into the issues with. The most general statement thus far just stated that the company was woking to correct the issues.

Hi all, currently we are aware of the issue & are working to have it resolved as soon as we can! Thanks!

If you are experiencing the issue, it sounds like they could use some help, so send the help account a message with the issues you are seeing.

Unlike last week there are also some reports of the DVD subscription site having issues, but those reports seem to be less severe.

UPDATE: Netflix has reached out to us with a comment.

I wanted to reassure you that Netflix streaming is working normally. DVD shipments are working normally.  The Web site, for adding DVDs to a member’s queue, is experiencing some technical issues and is not accessible at all times to all members. Our engineers are working to address this issue. No need to sound the alarm about a streaming outage on New Year’s Eve.

From our own checks – including a Roku here in my office – the streaming service was definitely having some issues, but it does appear to be up and running again.