Have you ever binged a show and then just felt the need for a break? Maybe you snuck in a movie before you jumped into another show? Well, if this is you, turns out you're not alone. Most people need a little break from their marathon binges and they turn to a movie to provide the entertainment.

Netflix just released a study that reveals some unexpected statistics and viewing habits. The research reveals that 59 percent of people wait three days to start a new binge, and 61 percent of those people watch a movie during their TV show break.

Unsurprisingly, people tend to stick with the same similar genre when turning to movies, but there are few notable exceptions. Gilmore Girls viewers chose to watch movies like The Princess Bride and Sixteen Candles. Stranger Things viewers, meanwhile, chose to watch something a little lighter like Zootopia to brighten up their day. Breaking Bad and Narcos fans chose to watch something similar to those shows like Pulp Fiction.

What is real odd is Stranger Things and Breaking Bad fans tended to watch the Adam Sandler comedy The Do-Over. This doesn't make sense unless the fans of these shows wanted to watch something a little less complicated. Stranger Things is horror-thriller while Breaking Bad is a drama series with really high stakes, and this might call for something of the Adam Sandler variety to unwind.


People stick with specific patterns when binging

The list makes a lot of sense, even the Adam Sandler selections. Every now and then you need a break from intense shows that really challenge you emotionally. That's why people binge these shows, because they care about the characters, but it is nice to take a break every now and then to watch a silly comedy.