On Thursday, Netflix announced via their blog that they had begun shipping instant streaming discs to Wii owners in preparation for a greater rollout in the coming weeks.  Although the last of the three next-gen systems to be granted access to Netflix's instant streaming library, tens of millions of Wii owners will now be able to stream the hugely popular service directly to their televisions.  Who knows, maybe this move will sell a few more Netflix subscriptions?

netflixwiiOriginally we heard rumors of Netflix and Wii compatibility dating back to late last year but in January at the AllThingsD CES interview, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings let slip that the chances of Netflix joining forces with the Wii were "excellent." Any Netflix subscriber with an unlimited plan (starting at $8.99) can can opt into the service and Netflix will ship out a free streaming disc that'll allow members to log in and start streaming.  Although the Wii can only stream standard-definition movies, it's sure to make at least few subscribers happy.

Have you signed up to get your instant streaming disc yet?  Share your excitement in the comments and be sure to let us know when you actually receive it!  Pretty exciting stuff.

[Via Netflix Blog]