Netflix is currently suing one of its former executives for accepting kickbacks during his time with the company, according to Re/Code. Worse, the executive, Mike Kail, is currently the chief information officer at Yahoo. Kail allegedly did some fishy stuff during his time at the streaming service company.

In one situation described in the lawsuit obtained by Re/Code, Kail had apparently been working closely with two Netflix partners, NetEnrich and Vistara. Since Kail managed the payments Netflix paid to each firm, he was funneling some of that cash right into another firm called Unix Mercenary. Re/Code said he may have stolen as much as $560,000 from Netflix while processing these payments, and shaving a bit off of the top for himself  – something that sounds like it came straight out of the movie Office Space.

That part sounds more like fraud to us, but Netflix says that Kail was also accepting kickbacks from other companies that worked with Netflix. The suit alleges that Kail was accepting stock and, oddly enough, gift cards. We assume these weren't run-of-the-mill $50 gift cards to Home Depot. Kail has so far not responded to the allegations.