Netflix on Kindle Fire

Netflix has released a new app for the Amazon Kindle Fire for users in the United Kingdom and Ireland, following the tablet’s rollout in Britain on October 25. Like Netflix’s other mobile apps, the new release allows subscribers to stream movies and TV shows directly to their new tablet over a Wi-Fi connection.

Netflix has been available on Kindle Fire devices in the Unites States for almost a year, but until last week, it didn’t need to be available in the U.K. because Amazon’s tablet wasn’t on sale there. Now it is, but Netflix has some competition up its sleeve.

Amazon has its own movie streaming service in the U.K. called Lovefilm, which is incredibly easy to access on the Kindle Fire simply by linking the service to an Amazon account. While this little feature may not convince existing Netflix users to switch, it could help persuade new Kindle Fire customers to make their first movie streaming subscription a Lovefilm one.

Netflix users can grab the new app from the Amazon Appstore today.

[Via: The Next Web]