Netflix on Wednesday announced major changes coming to its TV apps, with a redesign aimed at making navigating through the service much easier. According to Netflix director of product innovation Stephen Garcia, the streaming giant has been busy taking a look at how members browse and one major thing they want is to maximize browsing time by cutting back on idle searching through new features.

The flagship feature being added with this new, ever-present redesign is a sidebar that can be accessed at all times. The current Netflix interface requires you to go to the top of the page to access the primary menu with the search function, different profiles, and other pertinent information. 

With the new sidebar, it doesn’t matter how far down the page you are, you can access the sidebar on the left side. The sidebar contains multiple tabs including profiles search, home, series, movies, my list and new. This makes it really easy to access the content you want to watch right away.

One of the major sticking points Netflix considered for the redesign was how users are restricted to a few buttons on a remote control, and even those remotes can change depending on the TV or streaming box users are using. Netflix is using its software to remedy the issue.

Netflix is rolling out the update to all TV users worldwide starting today.