Pack it up, Comcast, TIme Warner and the rest of you broadband cable ISPs — Google Fiber has just put the smackdown on you.

When Netflix offers ISP speed rankings, it’s definitely a headturner. As one of the most popular streaming services today — with 1+ billion hours of streaming video and 30 million monthly members — the company is in a great position to know how well the various pipes are delivering its content. The numbers in the report are actuals, not theoreticals, and as suspected, Google Fiber is a beast that’s trouncing the competition. According to the report, it’s “the most consistently fast ISP in America, according to actual user experience on Netflix streams in November.”


The only contender of the lot was another fiber-based offering, Verizon FiOS, which came pretty close to joining in the victory lap. Then again, maybe it still wins out anyway, since the Google service is only live in Kansas City. Not that FiOS is all that widespread either, but at least 13 states get some Big Red fiber in their tech diet.

Overall, the chart follows the traditional wisdom of “fiber beats cable, and cable kills DSL.” And somewhere in the middle lies AT&T’s U-verse, which has been marketed as a fancy combination or “hybrid” of fiber and DSL. Whatever, it still got fairly spanked in the listings.

Am I alone, or does this seriously tempt you to book a flight to Kansas City and hit the apartment hunt too?