Netflix has been on a very calculated tear regarding original content, and that's not going to stop anytime soon. According to Ted Sarandos, the driving force behind Netflix's growing original content library, the streaming service has plans to double its output next year, growing its stature as an actual network, and not just a company that merely provides content.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Sarandos talked about a "phase two" of Netflix's original content plans; the company is putting out the much anticipated fourth season of Arrested Development on May 26. Before that, the company's original House of Cards series was a critical and commercial success, while Hemlock Grove has received mixed reviews. For cord cutters, though, Netflix's pledge to produce even more content is great news.

There's no indication yet what original content Netflix might produce, but Sarandos did hint that another season of Arrested Development is possible. "We would love to do more, and we have a deal in place that says that there could be," Sarandos said.

Once Netflix does begin development on more original content, lets hope a more measured approach is in line, as opposed to Amazon's see what sticks plan. The online retailer put out 14 pilots all at once, but not all of them were picked up, and in fact many were panned for their quality and production. Perhaps the most high profile, Zombieland, didn't make the cut among the 14.

If Netflix manages to continue to develop content with big actors and excellent writing, the service will almost certainly put pressure on more traditional TV. People prefer a la carte programming, and Netflix owning a big, quality back catalogue of original content will only increase the service's stature.