Netflix is pretty perfect experience for most of us, but for the visually impaired it’s another story entirely. Now, the video streaming giant is rolling out audio descriptions for its own original shows starting with Daredevil.

It’s a perfect fit, since Daredevil’s powers come from his own visual impairments. The new audio descriptions will help describe the action as it happens on screen, along with everything from facial expressions and costumes to the backdrop and setting. The feature will be included in audio settings alongside different language options.

Daredevil is just the start, and Netflix says it’s bringing the same audio descriptions to other original programming like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Eventually, the feature will be available in other languages, and might even expand to other content available through the service.

It’s great that Netflix is attempting to provide a service for an audience that might otherwise be underserved. Then again, it also means access to potential new subscribers, so this isn’t exactly hurting the company’s bottom line either.