Netflix is now offering several different video stream quality options for those who might face data caps from their broadband provider. Customers who have caps can now choose between a .3GB/hour, .7GB/hour, and 2.3GB/hour (the best) option for streaming content. While content would typically be streamed at the 2.3GB/hour rate, the smaller options allow capped broadband users to also enjoy streaming video without fear of reaching their data cap (or at least not as quickly).

Many broadband providers have enacted caps. AT&T for instance now caps DSL customers as 150GB per month, and U-Verse subscribers at 250GB per month.

You can change your streaming video quality by going to your Netflix account page, and then selecting the “Manage Video Quality” link.

Are any of you in the capped-data boat? Anyone planning on trying out the lower-quality stream options to conserve data?

[via Social Times]