If you're a TV addict who's trying to keep up with numerous shows all at once, then Netflix's new "Tweet Me a Reminder" feature could be just what you need. Currently in testing, it will send you a tweet when new episodes of your favorite shows are available, ensuring you're always up to date.

With three young kids, it's hard for me to get into more than one show at a time; I usually have to approach them one-by-one. But even then, I'll forget when new episodes are due to hit Netflix, which means I often end up with several new episodes to watch all at once.

But now Netflix is trialing a new feature via Twitter that sends you tweets as soon as new episodes are ready for watching. First spotted by @RichBTIG, a "Tweet Me a Reminder" button was recently added to tweets posted by @MarcoPoloMP, the official Twitter account for the upcoming Marco Polo series.

"The reminder will come in as an @Reply from the @MarcoPoloMP Twitter account, directed at each user who has opted in, as soon as the episodes are available at 12:01AM Pacific time on December 12," Netflix told The Next Web. The tweet will also include a "custom video message from the cast."

The new feature is a great way for Twitter users to keep track of their favorite shows, but it's unclear at this point when it will be available on a wider scale. Right now, it seems it's only available to a small number of users following @MarcoPoloMP.