Binge watching Netfix's numerous originals would be a lot better if viewers didn't have to watch the same intro over and over again. Netflix apparently agrees, and is doing something about it.

The service has reportedly begun rolling out a new feature that allows users to skip title sequences of some shows. The feature appears to be rolling out quietly, as Netflix hasn't officially acknowledged such a feature exists. A number of users on Twitter have noticed that when you hover over the title sequence you can skip the intro entirely.

As of now, the feature appears to only be available on the web for select shows, including House of Cards, Iron Fist, and Mad Men.

As good as the opening credits are for shows such as Jessica Jones and Stranger Things, it can feel repetitive after seeing the same intro multiple times in a single day. It's unclear if Netflix has plans to roll this feature out to more shows, or if it'll be available on other platforms, such as iOS or Android.

Either way, you can bet it'll be a feature plenty of Netflix subscribers utilize in the future.

Title sequences are an art

Title sequences are typically pretty short, so to me it's a non-issue. They also give credit to the people who put hard work into shows. But I can see why skipping the intro is a requested feature; viewers can only stomach House of Card's ominous time-lapse opening, which is nearly two minutes, so many times.