Google-Chromecast - Netflix

I admit it, I share my Netflix Instant Streaming account with family members. The only problem with that, however, is that my Instant Queue often has recommendations for shows and movies I'll never, ever been interested in. Why? Because they are films that have been watched by my friends. Sports documentaries, for example, or horror movies. Me? I'm a comedy guy. I don't want recommendations for new thriller movies, but that's the kind of stuff I was getting. Netflix recently introduced individual account profiles to help alleviate that, and now it's getting even more personal.

Netflix finally introduced "My List," which is similar to the Instant Queue idea. You can add content to your list and then Netflix will display titles from it when you log-in. TechCrunch said it's not displayed in the order through which you added new titles. Instead, it uses Netflix's recommendation engine to show titles that are already saved in My List to remind you, based on your recent habits, that you might want to watch them. There's still granular control, however, if you want to keep your list sorted in a specific way, though by default it uses recommendations.

Combined with my personal profile, Netflix is starting to sound a lot more like a smart media consumption engine. Maybe soon it will learn that I basically only watch two things: history documentaries and comedies.