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Rumor has it that Netflix may be in talks to save ABC's freshman drama, The River.

According to Deadline, Netflix is in preliminary talks with ABC Studios to pick up The River should the ABC network cancel it this year.  The drama series hasn't had the strongest of ratings when it airs live, but has been doing well in what is known as the "live+7" numbers that take DVR viewings into account.  When those numbers are taken into account the numbers jump by 36 percent, and are believed to show that people would prefer to "stream" the show at a time more convenient to them.

This is the second such report to surface lately that Netflix may be looking to pick up canceled shows to keep alive on its Watch Instantly service.  Earlier this month reports surfaced that the company was also looking at the already canceled Terra Nova on Fox.  The difference this time around is that The River has yet to be canceled, but it is looking to be a likely candidate when it comes time for the networks to make their decisions.

Netflix is working on several original series of its own, but the idea of continuing canceled shows is certainly an interesting one, and could be a quick way for the company to bring in new subscribers that wish to keep following these series.  Say that each series brought 100,000 or so new subscribers in, at $7.99 a month and you can see how this might be an attractive way for the company to lure in new customers from an existing fan base.

The talks are labeled as being preliminary for now, but it looks like Netflix may have a new path its setting out on.

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