Pawn Stars

If negotiations fall through as some pundits believe they will, Netflix could be losing two channels worth of programming this Friday.

The current agreement between Netflix and the History Channel/A&E combo is set to expire this Friday, and it looks like at least shows are leaving the streaming service if not all of them. It seems that Netflix only wants to keep a portion of the programming due to low numbers on the other shows, according to a statement from Ted Sarandos, chief content officer at Netflix."Content comes into and out of license periods almost daily. We renew programming that proves successful and generates viewing among our members and we expire those programs that do not." He went on to add, "While we do not comment on our deals and partnerships, expect some of the A&E and History programming to drop and some to remain on Netflix."

According to Variety, however, the negotiations are not yet done, and it's coming down to a sticking point over exclusivity. Amazon has been picking up content at a frantic pace as of late for its Prime Instant Video service, and some of that has been from deals that leave the exclusivity window with Netflix. The company is sure to be trying to hold on to more of its programming for longer now to keep the growing competition from snapping it up.

While shows such as Storage Wars and Pawn Stars may not seem like big deal to you, the shows are huge hits in the cable ratings lately, and the streaming media wars right now are becoming increasingly about how many hours of content can be offered to subscribers. While the shows may not be to everyone's taste, they still make up the total number of hours that can be crowed about being offered.

By this weekend we should know if Netflix has suffered another blow to its content count, and if it does, don't be surprised if Amazon announces yet another pickup next week.

[via Variety]