While Netflix's original library grows stronger, the company's lineup of third-party content is shrinking. Up to 1,794 movies will be stripped away from Netflix's catalog—titles such as Big Daddy, Adaptation and Snatch, according to Instant Watcher—giving users that much less video to choose from on a lonely Saturday evening. Luckily some excellent new content from Cartoon Network was recently added to the company's service. You win some and you lose some.

The content being pulled is mostly made up of old titles aggregated by Epix, Netflix said in a statement. The news by now is a typical occurrence in the streaming world; Starz content was pulled from Netflix last year after the contract between the two companies expired. Netflix sent out a statement on Tuesday downplaying the outgoing titles, saying "this ebb and flow happens all the time." To ease subscriber concerns, the company said it'll add over 500 titles on May 1 alone, so lack of content will never be an issue.

Anytime content is completely absent from a service, especially concerning more popular titles, makes that service feel less valuable. But Netflix said it's adding plenty of content soon—ParaNorman, Pulp Fiction, Hunger Games and China Town were all recently added—giving users plenty to watch. As long as King of the Hill and Regular Show is there.