The Web is getting more app-like everyday, and Netflix is showing a big vote of confidence behind this trend with its redesigned interface. Beginning today, when users visit the company’s website, they’ll be greeted by a completely fresh UI, which Netflix is calling a “major upgrade.”

Netflix says the new design is the first in four years, and has been built from the ground up. But it’s not just about looking pretty; Netflix claims the new design should make discovering new content easier and faster than before.

“With the new Netflix website, we’ve created a richer, more visual experience, and a website that works more like an app and less like a series of linked web pages,” Netflix explained. “Information appears in-line and in context rather than on a separate page, which makes exploring the catalog faster than ever before.”

A lot of the new UI is based on interactions. Hover over a title, and a slideshow of images will appear, giving you an idea of what that title has on offer. And when you click on a title, inline details appear. Netflix provided a GIF of what this looks like, and it’s all very beautiful.

The redesign should reach users across the globe within the next two weeks, though some users should see it already.