Breaking Bad Remember My Name

So you hate spoilers? It gets harder to do when skimming through the land of social media whilst others are catching up on the latest episode of Breaking Bad.  You COULD just be a social media recluse and be a hermit until your favorite show airs or gets expunged from your DVR.

But why do YOU have to suffer because someone else lacks twittequette? Tweetequette?

Netflix wants to save you from that anguish and keep you from hating your internet (and real friends). Enter Spoiler Foiler, a service that Netflix rolled out, makes Twitter enjoyable for Breaking Bad fans without all the annoying Twitter feed spoilers.

Tweets with anything Breaking Bad related are automatically blacked out like some government classified document.  If you wish to view them, you can, just by clicking on it.



Though this tool was built as a promotional tool for U.K. viewers, where fresh episodes of Breaking Bad are streamed on Netflix a mere hours after its airing, it is available for everyone.

Spoiler Foiler though can be a bit too overprotective, blacking out tweets that fall in to its filters but not necessarily Breaking Bad related. Just look below at a CNBC tweet.  But really when you are dealing with an issue as serious spoiler alerts its best to be safe.