Netflix Canada

It seems that the first country that Netflix expanded into outside of the United States is welcoming it with open arms.

CBC/Radio-Canada recently ran a survey of 8,000 residents of the country to see what impact Netflix is having on overall television viewing.  What they found was that it appears 10 percent of all Canadians, or 1.3 million households, are using the video service.  Of those, they are watching an average of 5.6 hours of Netflix content a week, but their average viewing of traditional television has only taken a minor hit, falling from the national average of 15.8 hours a week to 13.

It only took the company company around 18 months to reach this ten percent market penetration milestone, whereas in the United States the number is still below 20 percent after several years.  That number, however, is expected to rise to over 30 percent in the coming years.

As Forbes points out, if this trajectory follows in all the foreign markets that Netflix is currently expanding to, and more are expected to be added, the company could become a global powerhouse for streaming media.  A lot of it hinges on how much competition it runs into as it expands, but things are looking better and better for the company as a global brand.