The Dark Chrystal is, by comparison to his body of work at large, one of Jim Henson's strangest creations. It's bizarre, dark, evil, twisted, fantastic and incredible.

Well, it's coming back on Netflix. The company revealed a teaser for the production featuring old clips of Henson talking about the original and how much he loved it. We see puppet makers working with the newest, tangible creations and then a glimpse of a Skeksis, one of many creatures unique to the original.

This Skeksis, though? It has some sort of cyborg eye that will surely be a major point in the upcoming release. Here's the teaser in question.

The Dark Chrystal: Age of Resistance looks really neat, and I dig the idea, but part of me is a bit worried about yet another offering that digs deep into the past for something new.

More and more, we're seeing relaunches, sequels and re-releases of classic flicks, and this is another entry in that ever-growing fad. I want it to be good, of course, but part of me desperately wants new entertainment.