The best parts of your childhood are making a glorious comeback. Following news of Pee-wee Herman and DuckTales returning, Netflix on Wednesday announced intentions to release five more kids' series over the next several months. Among them is the lovable but horrifically incompetent cyborg Inspector Gadget.

When you think about it, Inspector Gadget is a frightening creation; half-man, half various bionic gadgets miraculously built into his body. He's like a modern day Dr. Frankenstein creation, more monster than sentient being.

The dim-witted detective originally terrorized young children from 1983-1986, so it's definitely been a while since we've seen him on TV. But even if you haven't seen the actual show, you know his name, and you definitely know his theme song (or this hilarious remix).

The new Inspector Gadget will be CGI-animated, and is set to focus on Dr. Claw's reactivation of the evil global crime syndicate, MAD. It's set to run for 26 episodes, with a premiere scheduled for March in the U.S.; other territories are set to follow.

Another familiar show, Danger Mouse, is also set to make a return thanks to Netflix, though it isn't set to debut until spring of 2016; Danger Mouse was an animated series from the 80s that featured a rodent superspy. The other three shows scheduled to hit Netflix include Some Assembly Required, Bottersnikes & Gumbles and Super 4.